I had a restraining order against my children’s step mother, due to her violence.  She works for the court in Palm Beach County. It’s obvious to me that Judge Phillips professional relationship with my children’s stepmother is behind the fact that I have been ordered to not see or have any communication with my children whatsoever.

Both of my children have been victims of substantial abuse for several years by my ex-husband and their stepmother.  When I moved out of state, with my ex-husband’s permission, we jointly and mutually agreed to a relocation agreement. One of the caveats’ was that I give up child support and follow the standard out of state “time sharing” schedule.  The proposal was more than fair since my ex-husband was only allowed supervised visits just prior to the move. Unfortunately my ex-husband’s abusive behavior continued when he came for his visitation in our new location. The children were frightened and horrified at times by his violent behavior. The police were called. I voluntarily had them interview the children and the police agreed they could be in danger.

I was then offered a job in a third state where the cost of living was lower. This was beneficial to a single parent raising two children with no support. I did notify my ex-husband and his attorney and presumed they had no objection. I now realize perhaps I should have consulted with an attorney. I was turned down for free legal representation because it was an “out of state” case and I couldn’t afford an attorney.

I enrolled my children in counseling and therapy and tried to work with him to build a relationship. We agreed that my children and their stepmother would take them to Florida during the spring break visitation. The children came back from that visitation even more disturbed than the prior visitation. I called my ex-husband to discuss what the children had told me. He threatened my life.

In order to protect my family I requested and received a protective order by the judge (in that third state) after she spoke to the children herself in private chambers and listened to the threatening message.

At that time my mother had a serious medical emergency and was placed in ICU. I felt obligated to move to yet another state, where my mother was recuperating.  I tried to retain an attorney at Legal Aid but they refused my case.  I did, however, consult with Social Services in that area, and they advised me to go, in order to protect the children. That same judge also knew I was moving to take care of my mother—I had told her that at a hearing, in case I couldn’t make it back for the “final” hearing. Unfortunately, I was not able to make it back to the final hearing so the matter was dismissed, even though I had consulted with an attorney at Legal Aid.

Two days later, in my mother’s state, two police officers appeared at my home and removed the children and transported them back to my ex-husband and their stepmother. This was based on Judge Phillips’ latest order, which restricts me from seeing or even contacting my children in any manner. Judge Phillips has never even spoken to me or my children. He has not examined the evidence that supports the reports of abuse (pictures, police reports, therapist reports, protective order, calendar of symptoms, teacher reports etc.)

I can only conclude that my children’s stepmother’s professional relationship with Judge Phillips has destroyed my family.

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