Statewide Court Watch Training via Committee

At the June 1, 2014 Florida NOW Conference, the resolution below was passed.  Basically, this means that anyone contacting us will trigger an outreach to the nearest NOW chapter’s leaders with the aim to establish a court watch for their case.  The northern Florida contact number is (386) 453 3017, and the southern Florida contact number is (561) 487 9878.

Creation of a NOW Statewide Court Watch Network

WHEREAS, domestic violence and rape are core concerns of the National Organization for Women; and

WHEREAS, bitter child custody disputes emanate from control issues, domestic violence and/or child abuse; and

WHEREAS, in the past twenty years, over one million children have been “awarded” to abusive parents; and

WHEREAS, Florida NOW has a Child Custody/Family Court Committee to address this issue, in accordance with the model established by South Palm Beach County’s Families Against Court Travesties (FACTS); and

WHEREAS, this model has included a hotline for frantic victims seeking help and support; and

WHEREAS, court watches are desperately needed in these cases of domestic violence, bitter child custody disputes and rape; and

WHEREAS, court watches are very effective in promoting integrity in the justice system through professional, equitable behavior on the part of all court personnel, judges, lawyers, witnesses and others; and

WHEREAS, time is of the essence and court watches are often requested and created at the last moment

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that Florida NOW form a Court Watch Committee designed to contact local NOW chapter leaders to join specific court watches in their vicinity as these are requested.

Submitted by:Adele Guadalupe 561 361 0488 and Linda Marie Sacks, Florida NOW Child Custody Committee 386 453 3017, and Natalie Andre, Florida NOW Court Watch Committee 800 201 5560 .

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