This is to the stay home moms fighting for our children who have been given to the men/fathers/felons etc. The judges are biased against women in general and stay-at-home mothers in particular.

My name is N. R., please keep what I am about to tell you confidential because my case is pending and I await a hearring about my children’s rights to have their mother.

I do not care that I walked away with nothing—except that I had to walk away without my children.

My judge was so biased that when he heard I had a pending job offer, that was enough for him to require that I pay support even though the job is not available yet. However, when I left my ex-husband, the judge didn’t require him to pay anything for our children to be raised, even though I was a stay-at-home Mom. It took me a year to get my first hearring in front of Commissioner Shearer and two months longer for the first installment to arrive.

I just happened to be in a hearing room on September 11th 2003, waiting with a lot of others. My judge walked by and didn’t recognize me. Just then a man representing my former attorney was leaving. My judge said to him cheerfully “Aren’t you sticking around for the show? There was a fight at the school and I’II have the Ramos family for a long time.”

This bothered me so much; I didn’t understand how he could be so callous. my ex-husband has broken every order the Judge put on paper, yet my requests for a hearing have been denied. Why?

When my children were too scared of their father’s violence to leave my car and go to him, the courts held a hearing to see if I should go to jail for non-compliance.

Why is he allowed to take them from safety, from a loving, sheltered, medically attentive home and give them to a man/father/felon who refuses to give them their medicine, take them to their psychologist, speech therapist, and family doctor? My daughter and son have never been so sick in such a little amount of time. In 60 days they have been through 6 rounds of antibiotics for ear infection, nasal infections, upper respiratory infections because he refuses to take care of them.

He also swore to the judge that he would quit his night job but did not. Now the children are being left with a double felon and other strangers, he refuses to let me speak to the kids and there is always screaming in background and my daughter crying “Mommy my head hurts and Daddy won’t give me my tylenols or my other medicine and I’m getting sick again! Can I come home? You’lI take care of me.” This is tearing me apart.

The Judge knew what he was doing and these children have been through so much. What gives him the right to take them from a good environment and throw them into chaos and illness? Shame on anyone who watches and does nothing. My first priority is my children, and everyone who really knows me sees that.

I don’t leave home in fear of a missed phone call, or the school calling to say come pick up my daughter. My son is four years old and has delayed speech—due to severe beatings while I was pregnant. He was taken out of school by his father and never returned, so I know no one will call if he is III. There is no contact at all between my ex-husband and myself anymore, no discussion of child care. The Judge made him GOD (in his own words) and the children pay the cost of his decision.

I hate seeing my kids sick and regressing because of a biased decision.

My daughter asks how can the judge make decisions about her life and take away her doctors, and why does the school all of a sudden not let Dr. M. come to see her? My daughter said she should be the one to talk to the Judge since he’s making all these decisions; why can’t she talk to him and why hasn’t he since it’s her life—not mine, not his, not her father’s, but hers. I wonder what has gone on in daddy’s home that this child will not adjust.

What gives the judge the right to take away my children’s voices, when they can be heard? She prays for this, a little 7 year old now prays to be heard, and her brother begs for me to pick him up.

I pray someone hears their prayers and their voices soon, before they crack, get hurt more or sicker.

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