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Sheila and Natalie FACTS demo 2-24-16

Delray courthouse demo 1 Delray courthouse demo 2 Delray courthouse demo 3








February 24, 2016 we held a demonstration at the Delray Beach Courthouse, based largely on the investigative reporting of Palm Beach Post’s John Pacenti.

Check out his report on our demonstration.  We followed the next day with a demonstration at the North County Courthouse.

North Courthouse demo


Since re-incorporating this year, our members have become very active.  Along with court-watches, we have joined the Non-Profit Chamber of Palm Beach County.  Through them, we have become aware of many organizations with goals and needs overlapping ours.  We will be reporting our outreach from now on, much of which is initiated through this chamber.

Here is Sheri’s report on a workshop she attended along with Sheila:  Workshop on Child Sexual Abuse–Preventing, Recognizing, and Responding Nov. 10 2015

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