Prior to my nightmare, I had a 9 year old son, a husband, and a good life in a nice home. Even when I was first divorced, my son and I were surviving and he was in contact with his father, as should be. Now, because my son told me his father and father’s friend had violated him, in his effort to cover this up, I have been put through a Kafka-esque exposure to the Palm Beach County court system.

I have been working very hard on my case. I am convinced that the General Master purposely inflicted all sorts of illegal acts upon my child and me. For instance, I recently discovered that she heard the family law matter before the judge even referred the case to her.

Their cover-up started when I filed a motion for a modification of visitation. To-date my attorney is still being denied a hearing before a judge. The clerk is stating that all post judgment matters must be heard before a General Master. This General Master is the same woman who sanctioned me almost $400,000 for allegedly withholding visitation from the father for 29 days.

My case is so sad, because I have not seen my child for two years now and the father will not even allow me to speak with the child directly by phone. The judge signed an order giving him sole custody of my son and ordering me to get out of my home of nine years within five days, He also signed three other orders that stripped me of everything that I owned and ordered me to pay the ex-husband, an American Airlines Captain for 26 years, $402 monthly child support, to be paid from my $500 disability check (I have MS). The court denied me insolvency 7 times, as a result of a false 1099R tax form that was submitted by my ex-husband showing that I had $450,000 in an IRA. The IRS is supposed to be investigating the matter, but this could take years. In the meantime, I have been left with a tax bill of $275,000, no child, no money and no place to live; I am in hiding.

This judge, who has since retired, admitted that he did not know what he had signed against me, but failed to rescind any of the orders.

My ex-husband and his then boyfriend must have done something very wrong with our son while the three of them traveled and slept in the same bed, for him to have gone to such length to try and destroy me. My little boy tried to tell me what happened the weekend before I was arrested on contempt charges and ordered held in jail indefinitely until I could purge myself by paying my ex-husband the full amount of the sanctions.

Please pray for my child and me as he is probably wondering how all of this could have happened, simply because he told his mother about two men violating him.

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