Judge John L. Phillips has put my family through hell and back for the past 2 ½ years. Unfortunately, he has been my trial judge since my divorce in June of 1993. He tried to force me to sell the home my children have been in since birth even though HE signed a court order in December of 1999 accepting an agreement my ex husband and his attorney wrote up giving me the home in lieu of $25,000 in back child support. My ex never signed the deed over to me but had all his child support wiped off the ledgers in the clerk’s office. Two years later my ex and his lawyer, Tittle, tried to force me to sell the house again. It’s a long story but there were many unethical things done by Phillips and Tittle. Phillips even had Tittle write up an order before the hearing. (i.e., he had already made his decision before we stepped into court!) Fortunately, my attorney surprised him with a move he did not expect, and he wasn’t able to follow through on the order they had prepared before the hearing itself.

I learned a lot these past two years about the law. I also learned how messed up family court is. They do not put the children’s interest first as a family court should. In fact they do not even consider the children at all. Do you realize that Phillips has lost something like 7 out of 8 appeals filed against him in the last year or so? To me that says something about him.

These Judges and lawyers are ruining peoples lives and they couldn’t care less. They have no concept of the hurt and pain they are causing families. Even the press does not care. Believe me I even wrote to various news stations and got not one response. The only person that tried to help me was Mark Foley. My husband grew up with Mark. He even went to the Court House last December of 2002 and demanded my file and looked at it. Phillips was on vacation at the time. But it did not even bother Phillips and he still ruled against me repeatedly after that. A few months ago I read a woman’s letter on the web about how Phillips threw her in jail for no reason; I think Phillips has a hatred for women.

We are struggling to survive. These last two years have nearly tore my family apart from the stress and financial burden the courts put on us.

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