Former husband dragged C.R. by the hair into the children’s play room and proceeded to beat her until he broke her bones.  C.R. saved as much as she could for the next few months until she had enough to take the children and divorce her husband.

Once C.R. left, the former husband started using the court system to abuse her which involved 13 years of court, 8 different Judges, over 824 dockets (60 pages just of dockets) as well as two custody trials.  $60,000.00 paid to attorneys for legal fees until C.R. finally had to go Pro Se’.

The end result was that C.R.’s children turned against her and became as abusive as their father.  Reluctantly C.R. ended the second custody trial by giving up custody.

The former husband declared he was in need of child support so the Judge awarded child support back dated from the time the former husband stole the children a year earlier and added compounded interest.

It is interesting to note that less than a year after this child support hearing the former husband went through a divorce with second wife which also addressed domestic violence.  The former husband boasted in second divorce that he made a much larger income including an abundance of assets.

Despite having the same Judge for both cases with two quite different incomes by the former husband C.R. was required to pay more than half her income in child support.

For some unknown reason the former husband’s arrearage to C.R. was cleared from the records without being paid and no interest was ever added.

C.R. ended up paying too much child support by paying on the older son until he was almost 20.  The Judge admitted he had neglected several amounts owed to C.R. none was resolved.

The end result was C.R. losing the love of her children, her home went into foreclosure and she lived with friends until she could get back on her feet.

Three years after the last court hearing former husband was screaming at a client on his cell while driving and had a stroke.  He died from the stroke two months later at age 51.  C.R. was finally court free for the first time in 13 years.

C.R.’s children have remained hostile and tell everyone they are orphans.  C.R. has finally resolved her depression and hope for a life with her children.

C.R. is living a full life and hoping to help other victims of the “Good Old Boys” court system that’s allows domestic violence victims to not only be tortured via the court system, it also ruins the lives of innocent children.

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