You Be the Judge—John L. Phillips Certainly Shouldn’t Be

We have become heavily involved with several parents and lawyers fighting for custody of their children, and with the basic problem behind it: unprofessional judicial conduct. This document addresses only one of the judges we are observing, John L. Phillips, whose decisions have raised serious questions about his judicial qualifications.

C.C.S. is one of those mothers. She told an unbelievable tale of Judge Phillips granting primary custody to her ex-husband despite strong evidence of sexual abuse of their daughter and of at least two other daughters of his from previous marriages. Phillips stated that she was emotionally ill and a liar, with no documentation. Meanwhile, Phillips had restricted her to supervised visitation until she could prove that she is not disturbed.

We asked her for copies of some of the documents relevant to her case, and she presented us with the most pertinent ones:

  • Bills from her ex-husband’s psychiatric hospitalizations in 1995 and 1996
  • Letters from two of his ex-wives, alleging he sexually abused his daughters.
  • Two psychiatric evaluations of C.C.S.
  • A psychological evaluation of C.C.S. by her therapist (engaged due to the trauma of her divorce and the alleged abuse of her daughter)
  • And—crème de l’crème—Judge John Phillips’ decision in her divorce case.

Here are some excerpts from Phillips’ decision; judge for yourself who is disturbed and who is acting appropriately:
“The Wife is burdened with the perception that she and (her daugher) are being victimized by the Husband. She has continually acted out in an incredibly destructive, dishonest, and harmful fashion during this litigation, based upon that perception.”

Contrast that with this, from a psychiatrist:
“During the psychiatric evaluation, I noted that Ms. C-S was occasionally tearful and anxious, but congruent with the details of her situation and her daughter’s victimizations. I found NO EVIDENCE of any mental disorder, nor am I aware of any indication that this parent’s actions would be harmful to her daughter.”

Again, from Judge Phillips:
“The Husband’s mental health is no issue. The Wife has demonstrated throughout this litigation that she has serious mental health issues which have not yet been addressed.”

Later on “…her seemingly insane behavior during visitation exchanges…her irrational and inappropriate behavior at times, during the trial and throughout the litigation.”

Again, contrast his allegation of irrational, inappropriate behavior with these words from another psychiatrist:
“My review of C.C.S.’s legal and other documents revealed that (her daughter’s) hospital ER visit resulted in the ER treating physician’s conclusion of probably sexual abuse. Grounds exist to wonder if D__ S____ is a pedophile and to suspect his actions towards (his daughter)…My conclusion is that C.C.S.’s claims and concerns are reality-based and not at all delusional in nature.”

And, for a final comment, an excerpt from the mother of one of his other daughters:
“I told her (C.C.S.) D___ molested my daughter….when M____ was 2 ½ years old; she told me D__ had molested her….If I can help save (C.C.S.’s daughter) from the pain that my daughter has experienced I am willing. Please stop this man before he hurts another little girl.”

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