My situation was pretty cut and dry, at least that’s what I thought until I went in front of Judge Phillips!!

I was divorced in Jan. 2000. And of course my ex was ordered to pay a pathetically low amount of child support, to get and maintain health and life insurance, and to pay ½ of uncovered medical expenses.

I receive sporadic (at best) child support payments. He doesn’t have health or life insurance and as far as paying ½ of the medical expenses—what a joke! He was also ordered “not to use or expose minor child to drugs or alcohol during his visitation.”

Big surprise – he was arrested for DUI with my daughter in the vehicle! He vomited all over her and then passed out on her lap. Did they charge him with child abuse or child endangerment??? No, of course not!!!

I’ve taken him back to court a couple of times about the child support and insurance and basically when he finds out that we are going back to court he makes a couple of child support payments to look like he’s making an effort to the judge and will tell the judge “I’m working on getting the insurance”. And believe it or not that is satisfactory to Judge Phillips!! Each time, I tell the judge that his track record proves that, as soon as we leave court, the payments will stop and there will be no insurance. The response that I get from the judge is – well, when that happens you’ll just have to come back to court.

This is crazy! I can not afford to keep taking time off work to drive down to the courthouse and keep refiling to take him back to court just to get NOTHING accomplished!!!!!!

I tried taking him to court on contempt due to the DUI. The judge was very rude and short with me. I felt very belittled by him! I was told that his DUI arrest with my daughter in the vehicle wasn’t grounds for contempt, that I obviously don’t know what contempt means and he wasn’t going to hear anymore—that I needed to hire a lawyer. (All the while my ex is sitting there laughing at me.)

HELLO …. He was ordered not to use or expose her to drugs or alcohol, he did it, got arrested for it and that’s not contempt?????

After NO help from our family court system here in Palm Beach County I contacted DOR in regards to the child support. I had to pay a $25 fee for them to pursue him for the child support that the courts ordered him to pay!

Over 3 years later (after calling them every 2 weeks) I’m still not receiving child support or insurance for my daughter!!!!

I AM SOOO FED UP!!!!!!!!

My current husband is from Polk County. Here, if you get 4 weeks behind on your child support, they suspend your license and issue a warrant for your arrest. And yes, that case is through DOR—the same DOR that is “taking care” of my case! Why is it that they can take care of “business” in Polk County but not in Palm Beach County????

I have made numerous requests to have his drivers license suspended. Again no results. Didn’t “the great state of Florida” claim: Don’t pay your child support – get your license suspended! Well isn’t it about time someone take action and follow through!?

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