Assorted Links of Interest

Assorted Links of Interest

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In Palm Beach County, members of the public can access criminal, civil and traffic case records and can see document images online without having to create an account.  This includes court dates, charges, sentences, complaints and parties involved from late 2008. Earlier years are on a case-by-case basis.

It is available at

We are proud to be a member of the Nonprofit Chamber of Palm Beach County

Pro bono connections: 

Written by one of our founding members: Protecting My Child

The Leadership Council.  Goes into abuse allegations in custody and visitation

The Battered Women’s Justice Project’s Criminal Justice Office 

Link to NOW’s Family Law Committee’s Newsletter

Legal Momentum–Advancing Women’s Rights  The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court Gender Bias Study reported that fathers who actively seek custody obtain either primary or joint physical custody in more than 70 percent of cases.


A mother who spent a decade trying to protect her daughter from her abusive ex shares her advice

The article below may help to inform others regarding the lack of legitimacy behind PAS, as well as this all too common tactic used by abusers on women and children.:

With thanks to State Rep. Lori Berman, who sent us this:
Information about court recording can be found on the 15th Judicial Circuit website:

They have frequently asked questions:

They usually send a DVD of the hearing and then the party can get it transcribed themselves through a court reporting service.  They will, if asked, transcribe and have their prices listed.  Like a court reporting service, the price depends on the number of pages.   They do not have a program for the indigent or pro se.  Everyone must pay.  There is case law that is very clear that informa pauperis is for the filing fee and service of the summons only.  No other part of the litigation is without cost.  Also you can see from Frequently Asked Question number 3 there are only certain hearings that are recorded.  All other proceedings it is up to the parties to request and pay for a court reporter to appear.  If they believe they will need to have the hearing recording for appeal purposes or later use in the litigation, they need to order the court reporter if the proceeding is not recorded.  If the other side orders a court reporter, they can purchase a copy of the transcript from the court reporter.  It is also less expensive if the other side orders first, then you are only paying for a copy.  Usually, the court reporter will call and say that the other side has ordered and ask if they want a copy.
Some numbers that may be of help in Palm Beach County; please be so kind as to let us know if any of them no longer work–if so, go to Contact Us.

The YWCA Harmony House offers support groups for survivors of domestic violence in WPB and North Palm Beach…call 561-640-0050.

Victim’s Services offers several types of support groups at the WPB Courthouse for both women and children. 561-833-7273

Safety Net at Home Safe off of Congress and 6th Ave South has individual therapy and support groups for adults and children. 561-832-6185

Florida Resource Center for Women and Children in northern Palm Beach County has support groups for survivors as well. 561-848-8383

Hope this helps…please also know that Harmony House has a 24 hour domestic violence hotline at 561-640-9844 or 1-800-973-9922.


California Protective Parents Association


Thought these websites were interesting:

Divorce Care will give you lists of local support groups


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