FACTS Court Watch established in 2003

FACTS Mission Statement

Families Against Court Travesties, Inc. (FACTS)’s mission is to assist families who have been placed into a crisis situation by the family courts or other government agencies. By implementing a court-monitoring and reporting system, our goal is to ensure that the best interests of the child prevail in family court and that due process and equity are the norm.  We are also committed to educating the public on these issues.

 Who We Are

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Formed by a coalition of Family Court victims and activists in 2003 by the South Palm Beach County Chapter of NOW, FACTS is primarily concerned that the family court system is harming children by treating them as property, ignoring their rights to contact with both parents, denying their parents due process, and in general not considering the children’s best interests. Some of us are victims of these injustices, some are friends and family members of victims, and some are simply devoted to healthy children and families.

What we have accomplished

Aside from going to the courtroom for hearings and trials, we write up evaluations of the judges and they are aware of our presence. We’ve been instrumental in removing Family Court Judges from the bench. We’ve actively participated in the election of judges. We’ve given testimony to the Florida Supreme Court about Fairness & Diversity in the courts. We’ve staged protests against terrible judges in front of several courthouses and the Appellate Court, and gotten news coverage. We’ve witnessed the Judicial Nominating Committee in action and contributed feedback to the members.  We have created a Helpline and conduct monthly membership meetings.

As the need and opportunity arises, we act.

What You Can Do

Join FACTS: Go to Contact Us (in menu at top of page).

Volunteer to monitor and evaluate proceedings in the Family Court, join our demonstrations, call and write letters to the media and government officials, etc.

View and print our guide, Newcomer Packet for Court Watching

Note that we are a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.  You can donate and help us reach victims and volunteers.



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